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Nothing is more powerful than an idea whose time has come. The genesis of all big fortunes is the germination of a sound idea that can be executed to perfection, at times even by side-stepping lack of money. This basic tenet was the starting point for the conception of Ideas1st as an independent research house way back in 2007.
Unbiased thoughts and experienced judgment leading to meaningful wealth creation have been the cornerstones of our existence. Even as the market struggled in the face of international and domestic turmoil on the financial front Ideas1st has never been short of novel investment ideas, creating matchless opportunities which have helped our clients in consistently creating and multiplying their wealth.
Promoted by Aditya Damani and Vikram Damani Ideas1st is a research provider which translates its well researched ideas into opportunities of wealth creation for its clients. Structured as an independent outfit, Ideas1st is a pure research focused company providing unbiased and sound opinions and recommendations to its clients.
As a main differentiator the company has a policy of not conducting company-sponsored research. With a primary focus on mid- and small-cap market, Ideas1st taps the vast universe of listed stocks for companies with an inherent capability of value creation capable of being blue-chips of tomorrow.
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