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Financials speak – but at times tend to ignore other inherent values embedded in a stock. Smart communicators have gone a step forward by putting forth future projections and throwing across models which provide the much needed cosmetic touch to increase the investment appeal of stocks. True to the word as they may sound, models and projections are often based on a sea of assumptions. Assumptions which may or may not turn up the way they are projected to be thereby introducing an element of uncertainty in the future of your investments. Even a micro variation in any of the assumption is likely to throw investment rationales based on them out of the window resulting in huge wealth erosion.
This is exactly where Ideas1st has an edge – an unconventional approach to stock-picking. Not relying just on numbers, we at Ideas1st are closely monitoring factors which tend to skip the best of the minds while analyzing the strengths of an investible opportunity. Soundness of business models, management quality and the broad sectoral direction are among the most important factors that we look for while arriving at a recommendation. A critical evaluation of the company’s sources of long-term finance and a perfect SWOT (Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities and Threats) analysis help us to identify budding stocks fairly early. The result of such cutting-edge analysis are translated into qualitative reports providing a clear direction of growth for the money our clients invest.
Our core strength lies not in following the herd and picking already identified blue - chips but in trying to identify the potential blue-chips of tomorrow. Our stock picks have a fairly high intrinsic value embedded into them which improves the chances of these stocks in becoming long term multi-baggers. We strive to discover hidden jewels for our clients portfolios.
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